Our production

HABIBA's textile universe is based on a philosophy of creating special products with carefully considered details and characters -produced in a slow creation.

All materials are organic and manufactured in the same factory in New Delhi, India. The factory is family run and we have been working with them for more than 25 years. During the years we have developed a very close and special friendship to this family, whom we have also visited several times. Since we know each other that well, we have a close contact and understanding when creating a new collection. We have a lot of handmade details, which we care even more about these days, where everything goes fast and digital.

We design all our products in our little studio in Copenhagen - everything is hand drawn, handpicked and worked through with lots of love and passion. We are always fascinated by old handwork traditions such as patchwork, embroideries, quilting etc. and we cannot stop ourselves adding functional and beautiful details to all items - and nothing is random!

We would like to invite you to have a look in our little photo diary with a little insight into how our products are made.

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