HABIBA means ”my love” and is the name of a textile universe of prints, patterns, and colours, which beautify the sofa, the sunbed and yourself in homely surroundings. HABIBA is playful, and yet decadent. A reminder to treat yourself with a beautiful and cozy cave, which is soft and colourful. HABIBA shows up twice a year in new patterns and colours, which always can be combined with the existing in a beautiful harmony of shades.

HABIBA’s collection consist of hand quilted cotton quilts, bed covers and fine striped patchwork throws. Cushions and yoga bolster, quilted toiletry bags, makeup clutches, totebags and elegant, thin kimono morning robes. The quilt is sewn neatly by hand, velour soft and alluring, the cotton thin as tissue paper and the filling of kapok fiber soft and sustainable - and it’s all organic.

Behind HABIBA stands the couple, Katrine Green and Mette Flintholm, who have been a creative duo for more than 20 years. Together they feel twice as strong and twice as inspired, as when they are on their own. They have moved from design and fashion and further to paper and imagery with their creative workshop Tex og Jack, which they still develop and print.
“We got the idea for HABIBA because it is almost impossible to find a newly produced cotton quilt, which have the weight and quality like it used to be more than 50 years ago. We are both drawn by old-fashioned cotton quilts – the quality of prints and kapok filling which the vintage cotton quilts have. Today most are filled with a synthetic batting.”
Katrine Green Rostgaard
“We started HABIBA because we couldn’t help it. With HABIBA we can work with our passion for textiles, patterns and color. We are often inspired by old handicraft traditions. In the same spirit we have made beautiful hand printed hangtags on machines which are more than 100 years old. Because the detail is always essential and emphasizes the skilled trade in our products.“
Mette Flintholm